Lyocell is one of the most beautiful hijab fabrics we stock here at AWRA LONDON. It not only screams luxury on all levels, but its eco-friendly, anti-bacterial properties and non-slip, silk-like texture make it a winner.

Our Lyocell fabric is a form of rayon made from wood-pulp. The ‘closed-loop’ production process that is used to make Lyocell works to recover and decompose all chemicals used throughout production, meaning, there is very little waste produced as a result of making this fabric. This helps keep our environments safe from harmful chemicals. which could otherwise be hazardous for nearby residents and wildlife.


Lyocell is the perfect fabric for sensitive skins, as it offers anti-bacterial properties as well as being incredibly durable. This hijab collection will last you for years making it a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

This is what sustainability is really all about.

The fabric quality is soft like Cotton, making it super comfortable to wear. We would recommend our Lyocell hijabs for special occasions such as weddings, parties and festivals. It is anti-static due to the high quality fibres (something you may struggle to find with non-sustainable fabrics such as polyester). Nothing can beat the silk-like appearance …and did we mention it is 100% NON SLIP?! We’re not screaming about it’s perfection, you’re screaming.


In designing our Lyocell Collection, we wanted our customers to know and trust that the fabrics we introduce into our hijab collections will last you for future years. Our Lyocell Collection is a luxury hijab and one we knew our customers would love. If you appreciate the finer things in life, our Lyocell hijabs will not disappoint. Trust us, they’re flying off the shelves.

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AWRA London is a British modest fashion brand with a strong focus on ethics, sustainability, quality and style.